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Friday, March 16, 2012



I fell in love with the idea of using a vintage bicycle as garden art when I saw one many years ago planted with flowers at the Historical Village in Pella, Iowa. 

I searched for three years in three states for a vintage bicycle for my garden.  I discovered just what I was looking for in May 2006 at Pella's Windmill Mall. 

How in the world would we get it home?  Our van was already filled with  daughters Sarah and Faith, granddaughter Megan, friend Cynthia, and her daughter, Moriah, and our luggage!

I purchased bungie cords at Pella's hardware store, and their  friendly salesman helped Cynthia and me strap the bicycle to the top of my black Nissan Quest.  We put blue pillows under the bike, and prayed it wouldn't scratch the van. 

The normal four-hour-drive home took much longer as I drove well under the 65 mile-per-hour speed limit.  I was concerned that the bicycle would fly off the top of the van.

It's was all worth it!

The vintage bicycle has become my favorite piece of garden art.  Each spring I plant it with new annuals, and find a special place for it in our yard.

My vintage bicycle is featured on one of the cards I designed for my greeting card line.

My STORYTELLER greeting card line soon will be for sale at .
The beautiful 5 by 7 inch cards are printed on linen paper, and suitable for framing.

This SPRING (2012) - I renewed the bicycle to its former glory with blue and black spray paint. 

My vintage bike now has only one iron basket on the front planted with tulips.  I will probably add two baskets to the back, and more flowers when spring turns to summer. 

For now - we are enjoying it's simple beauty.  

I'm always inspired by Monet-like colors in the garden.  The bicycle looks a bit French to me - don't you agree?!

How about adding some personality to your garden this year with a vintage bicycle planted with your favorite flowers?

Go ahead!  Have some fun!    

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